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The idea behind MIZU is to create a multifunctional product, suitable for integrating into different realities and perfect for smart working.The added value of this writing desk is the union between pure volume and strong detail.

We would like …. to be the center of family life. A product like it can be adapted to various everyday functions and could be used both by a kid to do homework and by a professional to work, but also as a vanity or a place to relax.

- ferriani.sbolgi -

Design stories


ferriani.sbolgi is a creative studio with a focus on product, furniture and surface design, founded in 2020 by Marco Ferriani and Sara Sbolgi. The studio collaborates with leading international companies, maintaining a link with the world of limited editions. Furthermore, the studio currently holds two product/furniture design courses at ISIA Florence and IED.

Through the products there is an attempt to communicate an emotion. Clean shapes, calm and silent lines capable of harmonizing with the surrounding environment. The new projects are, for the studio, an opportunity for experimentation, fundamental importance is given to the search for materials and processes capable of giving added value to the product. Ideas and inspirations are collected in various fields: art, architecture, other fields of design, craftsmanship , nature and more. The studio attaches great importance to the richness given by different personalities, but also to a shared design idea. Through dialogue and teamwork, when there is an agreement on a line, a detail, a special material, the idea is transformed into a concrete project. Good design is, for ferriani.sbolgi, a balance between new and old, so there is great attention paid to the analysis of new trends, new finishes and updated colours, keeping in mind the importance of transmitting a timeless taste.