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Collab stories


Our session, the energy of work, the rhythm, the circumstances of nature, the very house where we met and worked and that Richter flying in the background ... it all seems to me the effect of many years of work, creative thought, the need to create a space sensitive to the selection of material, but also people who make up the whole.

Collab stories


– actress, model, graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw. She made her theatrical debut at the Contemporary Theater in Warsaw. He performs as a guest at the Ateneum Theater and Teatrzeim. Jan Kochanowski in Opole, permanently associated with the Potemot theater group. She took part in such film productions as: "Reversed. Fathers and Daughters", "Der Uberlaufer", "In-laws" or recently "Family Games". Passionate about costume cinema, distant and lonely high mountain trips, folk dances and songs.



Małgorzata Mikołajczak & TAMO

Model, actress... or maybe someone else... how do you define yourself on a daily basis?

I definitely prefer and like to be perceived as an actress, if we talk about the profession. Why? Because I was educated in this direction, I am much more interested in this profession, in it I see a greater range of possibilities for creation and development. I started working in modeling only after my studies at the Academy and I am very grateful that I have such physical conditions to make extra money in this way, especially when I have a break in acting, these fields are to some extent similar, some elements overlap, sometimes one thing drives the other, but I have not yet resigned from a shooting day or a spectacle for a modeling job. How else do I define myself on a daily basis other than in the context of my profession? I guess it depends on the circumstances I'm a sister, daughter, partner, friend, well-organized geek, I hope someone you can rely on and I just want to be perceived as a good, warm person.

Your profession is to be in constant motion, how does it affect and connect with your everyday life?

For my better day...? I guess it's when it's planned, filled and when I have a lot of things to do, then I'm even more productive and fall asleep with a sense of time spent. Certainly, the space in which I spend my day is of great importance and what I do, what I do on a given day. The more difficult and demanding the activity, the emotional scene to play, the recording of self-taps that can decide my future and the next six months, it becomes on my head and then I am very creative and well-organized to use my full potential and do it the best I can.

Is your home an expression of your personality? Which place and moments do you like the most and why?

My home is my asylum? Which moments do I like the most? What do I like to surround myself with? I've moved four times this year... I don't have my own apartment in Warsaw, and when I think about home, I constantly think about my family home where I grew up. Lately, mainly because of these moving stories, I've been thinking a lot about this. I am currently suspended somewhere between my family space, to which I love to return, I grew up on the edge of the forest surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers, and Warsaw, the city that creates the best circumstances to work in my professions. However, the credit or rental market is currently terrifying, especially when I try to face it alone. I believe that a house should absolutely be an asylum in every respect and that you need to invest as much as you can in space to feel at home. that I have my place. Now, when I move, I have furniture, flowers, cups, a carpet, things with some stories and which are rather not new, but second-hand, grabbed at flea markets or second-hand shops in small towns.

You mentioned that you like collaborating with smaller craft brands, why?

Yes, I really like working with clients, creators of niche brands and getting to know them personally. I love listening to their stories, how their fate turned out, that they are here where they are and they deal with their company, which they often created themselves from the beginning. I admire their perseverance, passion, love for detail and, above all, the quality of the material from which they make things. In most cases, I worked with the owners of Polish fashion brands and we often had travel photos with only the client and the photographer, which turned into a meeting and getting to know each other better. I have a lot of wonderful memories and anecdotes related to such cooperation.

How did your cooperation with TAMO look like and what emotions did it arouse in you?

Your art director Anka Sanetra wrote to me on Instagram asking if I would like to cooperate.
As soon as I saw the furniture, I didn't think long. Simplicity, but also detail so refined and wood and colors, everything fits so well, totally to my taste, I immediately wanted to be a part of this project. I would make a whole apartment in Tamo!
At the beginning of our cooperation, I proposed a barter myself, the HUG bed stole my heart, but then my next move
and realities forced me to give up this idea.

Would you choose the TAMO brand as part of the arrangement of your dream home? Which of the products would be part of it and why?

Difficult choice ... but I think that apart from the bed, my second choice would be the TORI modular sofa. I really like this modular concept, constant change, I think I identify with this piece of furniture the most hahaha...

What do you value most about our brand?

What I value in TAMO… Consistency, simplicity, material, detail. Our session, work energy, rhythm, nature circumstances, the house itself,
where we met and worked and that Richter flying in the background... it all seems to me the result of many years of work,
creative thought, the need to create a space sensitive to the choice of material, but also people who co-create the whole.