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The MEDA furniture collection is a motif of grooved fronts and minimalism at its best. For many, this characteristic accent is a symbol of a contemporary and constantly popular trend that fits perfectly into modern interiors. Our proposal is based on specially selected proportions while maintaining full functionality. Using simple stylistic solutions and the beauty of natural wood, we have developed the hanging MEDA RTV cabinet.


To ensure even greater convenience during use, MEDA has a hinged door. The milled fronts are made in a way that allows the passage of the RTV signal.

Each MEDA has a countertop slot on the wall side and a cable entry in the middle of the countertop. Thanks to this, you can easily run cables to RTV equipment or power supply.

The load capacity of the cabinet in version 2 is up to 60 kg. For version 3 it is already 95 kg.

* Load capacity depends on the type of wall.

Finish and details

Eyes turned towards it will be attracted by the rhythmic slots of the front and refined detail. Thanks to the noble range of colors, we can match its expression to the atmosphere of the interior. Regardless of whether we choose light oak in the Natur Oak version or a dark and mysterious version in Ebony Oak, we will be able to please the eye with a piece of furniture with a timeless appearance.



He is the founder of TAMO, entrepreneur and chief designer. Most of the brand's products were created under his creative supervision. Drawing creative strength from traditional carpentry skills and love of art, a unique, original furniture collection was created. His experimental approach to form and attention to the artistic direction of the collection express the true idea of TAMO. He creates furniture characterized by a multitude of forms, seamlessly combining cultural references, among others: to Gdynia modernism or minimalist northern European design. Marcin's deep passion and knowledge of wood, industrial and craft production processes runs through every aspect of his work. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.