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The idea behind MIZU is to create a multifunctional product, suitable for integrating into different realities and perfect for smart working.The added value of this writing desk is the union between pure volume and strong detail.We would like …. to be the center of family life. A product like it can be adapted to various everyday functions and could be used both by a kid to do homework and by a professional to work, but also as a vanity or a place to relax.- ferriani.sbolgi -




is a versatile solution to meet the diverse demands of everyday life. Regardless of whether you need a place to work, study at home or read comfortably, the MIZU desk will be your refuge. The design is simple and clear. The undisturbed form is conducive to concentration and is ready to blend in with the surroundings. The characteristic carpentry "sewing" on the edge is a unique detail that beautifully exposes the colors of used materials. The lack of legs is a big advantage of the entire collection. Thanks to the comfortable and durable suspension, we can adjust its height to our own needs and leave the space under the desk free. Hang it at the height that suits you best. The top, divided into two parts, is actually hinged, thanks to which we can get to the capacious chest. Entirely made of the best quality solid oak or American walnut. The desk was designed by the talented Italian duo ferriani.sbolgi



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