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Aneta Kocia


In ceramics, above all, I discover balance and harmony with nature. For me, it is a return to ancient artistic roots, experiencing traditional craftsmanship, and building a bridge between thousands of years of history.



It is a series that highlights the powerful powers that lie within nature but are difficult to grasp. It encourages an appreciation of simplicity that we also fail to see in today's world, which is an outlet for deeper and more complex contexts.



The Otoczaki collection of ceramic vases by Tricity-based artist Aneta Kocia pays homage to natural beauty and the raw forces of nature. It was inspired by pebbles and stones - modest but endearing stones cast ashore and ground by water, wind, and sand.


Simple yet dynamic

The vases in this collection have an organic shape and their surface, although smooth, retains subtle irregularities and bumps. The simple yet dynamic form is reminiscent of the constant abrasion and polishing process that pebbles undergo.

object - vase

The soloists of the space

I look at each vase individually, I give them the emotion that I have in me on that particular day. This is why I refer to my works as soloists of space. Each vase carries a different story, building it in its own individualized and unique way. It is the result of an abstract understanding of form and a great respect for the material and process, as well as my emotions.



Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, decorator, designer, and clay artist. In January 2023, she founded her own ceramic studio in Gdansk, whereby hand-painting in clay and using only natural raw materials - she returns to the roots of traditional craftsmanship. Each of the vases that comes out of her hands is unique and inimitable. Her works are characterised by minimalist, undefined shapes, raw, rough textures, and neutral colours: beige, ochre, and engobe red.