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I love how people do what they do,it could be art, designing furniture or the way they cook. My aim is always to catch the passion and also being passionate while doing my works.Always keep your eyes open! Sometimes you can see the beauty of things, objects and moments at the second glance.

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Born and raised in the north of Berlin.
More than 17 years now in Berlin-Wedding Founder of
the Interior & Lifestyle Blogazine Herz&Blut.
Our Studio space Maison Palmė was founded 5 years ago.
Maison Palmė is our creative hub, name of our production
company and our second often our first home.



Jules Villbrandt & TAMO

Content, styling & photography...many creative fields. How would You name Your profession& the bridge in between that connects all of Your disciplines?

I guess there is not just one name or one position you can name what I am or many other people do. “Content creator” became a common wording, that might fit. In a classical way I am maybe also an art director, photographer or just a person who is very curious. The best thing about my work is that I’ve chosen everything by myself. The bridge in between might passion, I love how people do what they do, it could be art, designing furniture or the way they cook. My aim is always to catch the passion and also being passionate while doing my works. I am trying to think out of the box and to stay as I said before curious for everything.

What is the main source of Your inspiration to discover & create the storytelling about lifestyle,objects, food, travel, & beauty?

Always keep your eyes open! Sometimes you can see the beauty of things, objects and moments at the second glance. I love my art books and could get lost in them for hours. Beside that I am still a big fan of magazines especially from abroad. Travelling and strolling through cities and places is always a huge inspiration source for me.

Have You ever thought of being someone else, or styling and trends were always the targets of Your life?

For sure I thought of being someone else from time to time, but I don’t regret anything, being my own boss was already clear as a teenager. I really love what I do and I am really proud of it! Let’s see what the future will bring, but I am sure that I will always work in a creative environment.

Could You tell us the story behind & the main trigger to opening the Maison Palmė Studio & Magazine?

I founded my blogazine more than 12 years ago, for 10 years I am also active on Instagram. To rent an own studio space was years ago quite mandatory, because me and my team need a space together. Before we moved to this loft space 4 years ago we shared a space with tattoo artist. Wild times!

Now is the moment of the interior change of Maison Palmė...What design really draws Your attention?How would You point out the most essential values for You if it is going about the things surrounding You?

Our studio space Maison Palmė is a loft space therefore we don’t have so much storage. We always try to change our studio a little bit, but we are looking for more structure and clear lines where objects will have their spaces or could be easily hidden. I had always one picture which I found on Pinterest in mind to transform the studio space a little bit and we are so happy with the results!

What captivates You the most about the TAMO brand? Your choice is NOKI and will You find the aesthetics & functionality in Your space?

I do really had a crush on the TAMO shelves when I first saw them! I love the simplicity, and elegance that NOKI has. Wood as material is always magical! The result speaks for itself! We love the new look in our studio. The space feels huger than before and you will always find nice objects to explore in the shelves.
I love the shape of modular sofa and that you can place it everywhere in the room. It’s a reel eyecatcher.