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FROGUS fotel

Cena promocyjna3.243 PLN Cena regularna4.990 PLN
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FROGUS fotel
FROGUS fotel Cena promocyjna3.243 PLN Cena regularna4.990 PLN

Sylvain Villenz


Inspired by the simplicity of midcentury furniture, FROGUS is a sturdy and elegant armchair with distinctive lines and details. Its two wooden sides, characterized by a soft curve hold together a soft cushion-like seat. The sides, featuring delicate and rounded edges as well as discreet angles steadily ground the armchair. Bouclé textiles (amongst other choices), combined with massive wood and colour stains, emphasise FROGUS’ classic, chic, yet timeless style. 



Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz has been creating furniture, lighting and products for international clients since 2004. Born in Brussels in 1978, Sylvain Willenz has lived successively in the US, Belgium and the UK. Sylvain studied at the Royal College of Art in London, graduating in 2003.

Over the years, Sylvain developed a singular style of ligne claire,
which instills his simple, elegant and graphic designs, so recognizable and unique today.  In his portfolio, You can find the brands, such as, inter alia, Kvadrat, HEM, Febrik, HAY, Sancal, and many more…